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Restorative Practices


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Ping Yi Secondary School is a pilot school in Restorative Practices (RP) and has worked towards establishing a restorative culture within the school setting where positive relationships are developed among all stakeholders of the school. 

Ping Yi Secondary School adopts a proactive approach to build positive relationships in both instructional and non-instructional programmes. Ping Yi’s approach is guided by the Restorative Practice philosophy. RP creates positive Teacher-Student Relationship and contribute to a caring school culture.

Circle Time 
In line with the school’s Restorative Practices philosophy, the Circle provides a safe and structured environment for students to share their views on issues, while imbuing the values of respect, care and empathy in Ping Yians. 

Circle Time is a signature programme of Ping Yi that provides students a voice to real-life issues and values. Circles have created a positive classroom culture, confidence building and increase in self-esteem.