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Project Discovery

Overview of Project Discovery

Project Discovery is as an alternative classroom programme that emphasizes the development of resilience and social-emotional competencies for a selected group of students. 

‘Introductory Short Film production’ is a component of Project Discovery programme that brings about the creative essence in the world of film making. This programme is created to be easily understood by the inexperienced, and students are able to execute what they have learned into practical sessions in a short time. Students will get first-hand experience handling the roles of both cast and crew; from learning to control speech, express emotions, to the technicalities of handling electronic equipment. Students also get to create their own vision of the film with an intended message before seeing it go into production and screening.  As production activities are fully handled by students themselves; they will get to identify and develop their own individual talent, learning how to communicate effectively, work as a team, build confidence, solve problems creatively and overcome obstacles positively.

Our Invisible Workers (2017)

An environment was created for Pingyians to get to know migrant workers at a deeper level. The conversations, friendship and emotions were at its purest because the film circled the inexperienced teenager and a migrant worker who knows what hardship means.  The students were first taught storyboarding and the interview process.  Armed with DSLR cameras, go-pros and hand phones, they were taught filming techniques and video editing.   Our Invisible Workers is a student production that encapsulates multiple discipline of the students of Project Discovery.

The Truth (2018)

There is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her two daughters. A rumour started from school and threatens to tear a family apart. Little do they know the mere rumour can actually be true, and hurtful. Can the family withstand this test or will they break apart?

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Coming Home (2019)

With so much of Singapore’s iconic and historical buildings slipping away, students of Project Discovery take a moment to shine the light on two last surviving village in Singapore, Kampong Lorong Buangkok and a kampong on Pulau Ubin.

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8.20pm (2020)

This is a short film in which a professor’s mistake during a chemistry class releases toxic gas and causes panic to a group of students. Left stranded in school, the students wait anxiously to be rescued.  Follow them on this suspense-filled journey to find out whether these students made it out to safety.

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