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Alumni Stories

Ping Yi’s alumni who have excelled in their post-secondary education.

Class of 2019

Name    Ka Fye
Graduated from PYSS
Currently in Victoria Junior College
Ka Fye.jpegPing Yi Secondary School has played an indispensable role in helping me to achieve success for the GCE O Level Examinations. I am grateful to have had concerned and kind teachers to succour me in this challenging journey. They have sacrificed a great amount of their precious time staying back after school hours and guiding us with our revision to ensure that we are well prepared to face the examinations. The school has also organised various extra-curricular activities and gave me many opportunities to participate in projects and learning journeys which broadened my horizons and contributed to my success in the examinations. Once again, I would like to thank Ping Yi Secondary School for supporting me in this successful journey.

NameGe Ge
Graduated from PYSS    2019
Anglo Chinese School (Independent)
The teachers in Ping Yi Secondary School are really helpful. They gave us many useful notes and extra lessons when we required more help from them. Our school culture is very supportive too. My class, Secondary 401 (2019) worked together and encouraged each other through the whole process. When one classmate felt stressful, other classmates were there to help him or her. Due to the supportive nature of the teachers and classmates, I am able to do well in my studies while taking part in various internal and external projects. I really appreciate the hard work from my form and subject teachers as well as the support from my classmates. Without such tremendous assistance, I would not achieve what I have achieved today.

Class of 2018

Name Harini 
Graduated from PYSS 2018
Currently in Temasek Junior College

Harini_Speech Day 2019.jpg
Ping Yi has definitely helped me grow holistically. The teachers not only cared about my academic subjects but they played a huge role in ensuring my well-being as well. They always took time off to patiently explain concepts and ensured that I was not overwhelmed with stress. Most importantly, Ping Yi has helped me discover my love for learning!

I have also made great friends in Ping Yi who stuck with me through thick and thin. These friends have made secondary school life very enjoyable. My time in my CCA, National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) as well as my roles of a National Education (NE) ambassador and Peer Support Leader has also allowed me to meet and interact with new people of different age groups and backgrounds. This helped me to understand different people better and challenged me to step out of my comfort zones.

Ping Yi has also given me various opportunities that allowed me to showcase my talents like the NUS Geography Challenge or giving me numerous chances to take part in speech competitions and speaking on stage.

Name Peng Cheng
Graduated from PYSS 2018
Currently in Singapore Polytechnic, for Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE)

Peng Cheng_Speech Day 2019.JPG
During my years studying in Ping Yi, I learned to try new things and open up to more people and opportunities. It was truly an enriching experience to be a member of the InfoComm Club and Band. I served as Third Sergeant in Band.

It is the service learning approach to leadership that enabled me to learn how to lead effectively and perform to the best of my capacity. I am grateful for the extensive support I received from the teachers in all aspects of my school life.

Name Hyder Tan 
Graduated from PYSS 2018
Currently in ITE College Central, for Nitec in Aerospace Technology

Ping Yi Secondary School is a great place. All the teachers are kind, caring and funny. They care about our health and studies. Throughout my four years in the school, I truly enjoyed the time I spent with my classmates. We contributed to society through various Values In Action programmes. Most importantly, I learned many valuable lessons on humility and empathy and become a more disciplined person.

Muhammad Farhan B Azamshah.jpg Muhammad Farhan 
(Student of Ping Yi in 2015, Graduate of ITE in 2018)

  • Gold Medal Award in Hair Fashion and Design
Isaac Tan Weng Hong.jpg
Isaac Tan  
(Student of Ping Yi in 2015, Graduate of ITE in 2018)

  • Silver Medal Award in Infocommunication Technology (Networking & System Administration)
Nellie Qistina Bte Md Sukor.jpg Nellie Qistina  
(Student of Ping Yi in 2013)

  • Republic Polytechnic – Daisy Phay Foundation Scholarship
  • Module Prize – Communication Strategies for Event Management
  • Republic Award