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Physical Education

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Sports are a microcosm of society. – Billie Jean King (World Number 1 Tennis Player in the 60s & 70s)

Key Programmes

Department Overview

  • Vision
All Ping Yi students to lead a purposeful life as healthy and fit people.

  • Mission
To develop in all Ping Yi students the skills, knowledge and attitude to appreciate health, fitness and sports in the community.

  • Programme
The Ping Yi Physical Education programme is anchored in six areas: Sports and Games, Sport Education, Health and Fitness, Outdoor Education, Play @ Ping Yi and Sports for a Cause.

1. Sports and Games
Our students are exposed to a variety of sports and games. They pick up the skills and knowledge from three domains of sports:

Level Domain Sport
Secondary 1 Territorial-invasion Netball
Territorial-invasion Football
Secondary 2 Net-barrier Badminton
Territorial-invasion Basketball
Secondary 3 Net-barrier Volleyball
Territorial-invasion Handball
Secondary 4 Striking-fielding Softball
Territorial-invasion Touch Rugby
Secondary 5 Striking-fielding Kin-Ball
Net-barrier Tchoukball

2. Sport Education
Ping Yi students learn about game sense through Sport Education Model. They also learn about responsibility, teamwork and inclusion through their roles in their sport teams. The module requires students to plan, organize and play a sport carnival as a culmination of their learning.

3. Health and Fitness
Ping Yi students learn about health-related fitness and their application to their lives. The module includes:

a. Body composition
b. Cardiovascular endurance
c. Muscular strength
d. Muscular endurance
e. Flexibility

4. Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education is an essential part of physical education in our urbanized society. Students learn about environmental awareness and the issues surrounding nature. Students are brought back to basics through the following components of outdoor education:

a. Tent pitching
b. Outdoor cooking
c. Navigation
d. First Aid and safety
e. Camping experience

5. Play @ Ping Yi
Play @ Ping Yi is an extension of the PE programme where students pursue sports of their interest beyond PE. Play is part of school where sport facilities are placed in common spaces for students to engage in regular play to build social bonds and develop a passion for sports. Some of the activities include Table-tennis, Pool, e-sport and Football.

6. Sports for a Cause
Ping Yi participates in sports for a cause to educate students to be advocates of social causes. Some of the activities include The Straits Time Run and The Yellow Ribbon Run. This also serves to encourage students to engage in healthy living beyond school while at the same time, advocating for a social cause. It is also a platform where students and staff participate the same activity, to develop strong student-teacher relationship.

Contact List

Name/ Designation Email address
Yong Tze Woon (HOD/PE&CCA)
Ong Chun Aun Ashley
Chan Yan Ling Janice
Zhang Guo Shan