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The purpose of education is not to fill a vessel but to kindle a flame. - Alfred North Whitehead

Key Programmes

Department Overview

To enhance students’ self-worth, self-esteem and motivation in striving towards excellence and self-directedness.

We aim to increase learning opportunities and experiences for our N(T) students in the spirit of inclusivity and continuous learning. We design and customise instructional programmes and authentic learning experiences catered to the learning needs of students. An example is Project EnJoy, a unique programme in Ping Yi dedicated to the Secondary One to Three N(T) students. This programme is helmed by like-minded teachers who share a common goal for our N(T) Students. The programme hopes to improve students’ engagement and affiliation to the school but more importantly equip them with the necessary skills to prepare our N(T) students for the volatile and complex 21st century world. Through Project EnJoy, teachers skilfully integrate knowledge from key subjects such as English, Maths and Science and create opportunities for students to apply their learning from these subject areas. This makes authentic learning comes alive and empathizes on the relevance of these subjects.

The three levels engage on different projects according to themes.

  • The theme for Secondary 1N(T) is “My classmates and I” where the students are challenged to organize activities to foster greater bond and class spirit.
  • For the Secondary 2N(T), their task is to promote greater bonding with the school community under the theme, “My school community and I”.
  • Under the theme, “My Community and I”, the Secondary Three N(T) students collaborate with external organization to plan VIA projects.

Teachers leading Project EnJoy share a common belief in the importance of working with students’ ideas. We give voices to students and impress upon them that their inputs are valuable and improvable. We expect students to co-construct their projects as a class together with the teachers. Students go through the process of generating, sharing, evaluating and improving ideas while teachers provide the necessary scaffolding and facilitation. This process empowers students and gets them excited to work towards their desired projects/activities. It injects motivation and a greater sense of responsibility.

In addition, the department offers applied subjects such as Smart Electrical Technology and Retail Operations to equip students with practical and functional skills.

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Mr Glynne Chiu