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Pure Mathematics is in its way, the poetry of logical idea. Albert Einstein

Key Programmes

Department Overview

Mathematics is a subject that provides opportunities for the students to develop their intellectual abilities in problem solving, logical reasoning, analysis and spatial visualisation. The department makes use of manipulatives and various IT resources (online portals, videos, applets, classroom performance system, interactive whiteboard and so on) to stimulate the students’ senses and develop their abilities in learning and applying Mathematics. 

Authentic Learning Experiences (ALE)
To hone the students’ skills in problem solving, logical reasoning, analysis and spatial visualisation, authentic learning experiences are designed and conducted for them. They are exposed to real-world scenarios to apply their Mathematical knowledge and skills. This allows them to see the relevance of learning Mathematics in daily lives and derive the joy in learning while at the same time develop a deeper understanding of the Mathematical concepts.

Mathematics Competitions
Our students have performed well in these competitions.

  1. In the Singapore Asian Schools Maths Olympiad (SASMO) 2019, our students achieved two Golds and one Silver.
  2. In the Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO) 2018, our students achieved one Bronze and one Honourable Mention.
  3. In the Australian Mathematics Competition 2018, our students achieved one High Distinction, five Distinctions and seven Credits.

Contact List

Name/ Designation Email address
Mr Tan Swee Kiang Desmond (HOD/Maths)
Ms Manisah Mohd Yacob (HOD/ICT)
Mdm Navamani V Nagamuthu (ST/Maths)
Mdm Anisa
Ms Dawn Ng Li Li
Ms Liong Yen Lee
Ms Lim Moi Yin
Ms Pow Wee Wee
Ms Goh Layna
Mr Ong Chun Aun, Ashley
Ms Chan Yan Ling, Janice
Mr Chua Tat Wee
Ms Sri Rahayu Yusop
Mdm Julia Minjoot