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Conquer the highest peaks and savour the widest valleys beyond – Anonymous

Key Programmes

Department Overview

  • Our Mission
To develop and nurture critical global citizens who pursue knowledge and wisdom passionately through the Humanities.

  • Introduction
The teaching and learning of the Humanities come alive in Ping Yi! Here, teaching and learning take place beyond the textbooks and confines of the classroom. We believe in giving students authentic and varied opportunities to connect with what they have learnt in theory to what they experience in reality. We complement what the students study in their textbooks with regular strokes of reality.

The department organises local and overseas learning journeys and field studies. These opportunities and experiences ignite the interest of students, sustain their curiosity and keep students highly involved in their own learning. Students also deepen their learning of concepts, have a greater appreciation of social and historical contexts and can justify geographical phenomena. At the same time, they also acquire 21st century competencies, skills and values. We extend our students’ learning by participating in competitions and workshops organised by external organizations and national institutions. Students are able to acquire or apply their knowledge and skills and through these experiences, are more ready for the future.

Our Learning Journeys

  • Geography
1. Gardens By the Bay/East Coast Park
The Secondary Four and Five students conduct their Geography field studies at Gardens By the Bay during Inter-disciplinary Project Week. The field studies complement the topic of Tourism which is part of the syllabus. The Pure Geography students studied coastal features and wave impacts along the East Coast.

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens
The Secondary Three students visit the Botanic Gardens and use various weather instruments. They measure the weather elements around the gardens at various sites.
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  • History
1. Bukit Chandu
The learning journey to Bukit Chandu as part of the history programme encourages students to develop historical empathy for the battle that took place at Bukit Chandu during World War Two.

2. National Museum
Secondary Three students reflect on our history and the contributions of the pioneer generation of leaders in the early independence years.

3. Overseas Experience and Cultural Immersion Learning Journey to West Malaysia
The main objectives are to provide a holistic, rigorous and experiential education beyond the classroom and an immersion experience into the socio-economic culture of Peninsular Malaysia.

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  • History Challenge
On 7 July, four of our students participated in the inaugural History Challenge 2017 where we competed with 67 schools and a total of 268 students. Hong Feng from (Class 302) qualified for the History Talent Development Programme (TDP).

  • Geography Challenge
In February 2019, four students represented the school in the NUS Geography Challenge. Ka Fye (Class 401) emerged as the top 15% in the individual and obtained the Top Performing Individual – Gold Award in the Preliminary Round. He was shortlisted to sign on with the 2020 MOE Geography Talent Development Programme (TDP). The team did us proud and Azka, Taheraa and Rio Yap (Class 401) also brought the team on to qualify for the semi-finals.

  • School Heritage Champion Award 2019
We are thrilled to receive this award (Silver) from the National Heritage Board as an affirmation of our good practices in inculcating a sense of belonging to Ping Yi and our nation, Singapore.

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Contact List

Name/ Designation Email address
Ms Yue Kah May, Audrey (HOD/Humanities)
Mr Wee Tien Wang, Samuel (Lead ST/History)
Ms Tan Yan Hui (HOD/Student Management)
Mr Chiu Bang Ern, Glynne
Mr Mohd Rafi Bin Ani
Ms Tan Su-min, Denise
Mr Syed Danial Bin Syed Taha
Mr Goh Tiong


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