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English Language and Literature

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Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. – Margaret Fuller

Key Programmes

Department Overview

The English Language and Literature Department endeavours to nurture Ping Yians to be confident and competent users of the English Language. A variety of programmes are offered to stoke their interest and joy in appreciating and using the English Language.

World Book Week
During World Book Week, students are immersed in a myriad of language activities to promote a love of reading and to encouragement experimentation and expression of their feelings and thoughts through the English language. Some activities are:

  • Games: Taboo, Scrabble and Amazing Race
  • Poetry Writing: Twin Cinema Poetry and Blackout Poetry
  • Debate Showcase
  • Character Dress-up
  • Writer’s Talk
  • Blind Date with a Book

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Reading Programme

The Reading Programme aims to create a culture and a love of reading.

  • Digital Reading Platforms
To engage our IT savvy youths in current affairs, digital access is made available to the Straits Times IN magazine and NewsEd, which focus on issues relevant for students.

  • SRA Reading Laboratory
Our students also thoroughly enjoy the Reading Laboratory (Scientific Reading Associates – McGraw- Hill), an interactive, personalized reading practice program that builds reading fluency and vocabulary.

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  • Reading Challenge Card
To develop the reading habit, students participate in a Reading Challenge, which offers attractive prizes for reading books.

Oral Communication Programme

  • Secondary One Public Speaking Programme
Secondary One students get the opportunity to become more eloquent and confident in speaking in front of an audience. They experience the preparation process through collaborative brainstorming of ideas with their classmates, under the expert supervision of trainers. Tips and strategies are also imparted to hone students’ public speaking skills.

  • Secondary Two Media Literacy through Newscast Programme
Secondary Two students get hands-on experience in creating a television news programme using video editing software like Windows Movie Maker software in our recording studio. They are exposed to different roles and responsibilities of the media team as well as the stages involved in media production. Students develop critical thinking skills by analysing the social issues in different perspectives.

  • Secondary Three Debating Skills
Secondary Three students embark on their English Language mastery journey by sharpening their expository writing skills in year three of secondary school. In alignment with the curriculum roadmap for the year, they are taught the techniques and skills of verbal expositions – debate.

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Selected students have successfully represented the school in various competitions:
In the national YMCA Plain English Speaking Award Competition:

  • Saffie (Class 303) emerged as one of the seven finalists in the 29th YMCA PESA Competition 2015. She impressed the judges and her peers with her prepared and impromptu speeches.
  • Srinath (Class 201) was placed in the Honour Roll (Lower Secondary Category) in 2015.
  • Tara (Class 201) was placed on the Honour Roll (Lower Secondary Category) in 2016.

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In the 17th Inter-School National Scrabble Championship 2018:
  • ‘C’ Division Team won the Champion [Bowl (II) category]. Our proud winners are: Ji Ming, Mariah, Hui Fang, Yusuf and Muhammad Raden (Class 201).
  • Our students also did us proud in the 8th Super Zone Scrabble Competition by clinching the Runners up. Team members include Ji Ming (Class 201), Mariah (Class 201), Yusuf (Class 201), Angel (Class 201), Wei Xiong (Class 221), and Yi Xuan (Class 121).

Contact List

Name/ Designation Email address
Mdm Saheedah Begum (HOD/EL)
Mdm Noorzura Amir Noordin (HOD/CCE)
Mdm Nuryani Suneh (SH/EL)
Ms Nurmuhaina Bte Bakar (Asst. Year Head/Lower Sec)
Ms Ng Mei Chuen
Mdm Foo Ai-ping Melinda
Mr Zhang Guo Shan
Ms Cheong Pui Shan, Charis
Mdm Kalthom Bte Osman Bamadhaj
Ms Nurhidayah Bte Razali
Ms Marie Anne Chia
Mr Chin Ming Seng (L. AED)
Mr Lim Hin Seong


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