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Craft & Technology

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The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein

Key Programmes

The Craft and Technology department comprises four subject areas – Design & Technology, Food & Consumer Education, Visual Arts and Music. The curriculum aims to develop critical thinking, creativity and appreciation of design, aesthetics and food technology in daily life.

Design and Technology

In D&T, the curriculum aims to provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they engage in innovative lesson modules that integrate with science and engineering. Students were given various platform to apply their knowledge through various competitions. This year, our D&T students took part in the Nanyang Polytechnic Design Thinking Boot camp, ITE College East Smart Nation Innovations and Code Immersion competitions.

Values-In-Action Programme

During D&T lessons, students work in groups to identify a problem that they encountered in the school. They are immersed in design thinking activities to create solutions to a problem they identified in school.

Some design activities are:
  • Design thinking
  • Sketching and ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Presenting ideas


Makerspace Programme

The Makerspace Programme aims to create a culture of innovation and a love of making.

  • Be a Maker Programme
To equip our students with skills in making and tinkering, workshops are conducted monthly for students to learn the skills.

Some workshops are:
  • 3D Printing
  • Prototyping through 3D doodlers
  • Decoupage
  • Sewing and Design

  • Maker Monday
Every Monday, the D&T workshop is opened to provide a workspace for students to explore their own interests, learn to use tools and materials and develop creative projects.

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Nutrition and Food Science

In NFS, the Food and Consumer Education syllabus is designed to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers, enabling them to better manage their lives.

Food cum Book Culinary Competition

This is an annual activity which the NFS (Nutrition and Food Science) teachers collaborate with the Library department. To promote expression of creative ideas and thoughts through hands-on of culinary skills and the English language. Participants prepare and present a short ‘essay’ on a dish of a different theme each year.

Some of the themes for the past years:- ‘Jolly Jelly’, Authentically Aisan treats, My Creative Merged Sandwich, SG 50 Signature Dish, Once Upon a Pie, My Noodle Story, Rice Paradise.


The Art curriculum in Ping Yi Secondary focuses on processes and techniques with the emphasis on personal expression and the development of technical skills. Art is essential to the student's total educational and personal development; in Ping Yi Secondary we advocate experiences in the arts for every student. We create opportunities for students to find divergent solutions to problems, foster visual literacy, and provide an understanding and appreciation of past and contemporary visual culture through our art programme.

Our Art Camp for lower secondary students provides them with a holistic learning of the subject as they are exposed to various two dimensional and three dimensional art forms through the play of different art-making materials, tools and techniques. This year, we introduced an art journal designed by our art teachers for lower secondary students, titled ‘Artrageous Journal’. It is a non-assessment based supplement to the curriculum. Its purpose is to cultivate creativity in our younger students.

Through our curriculum, the Art Department offers opportunities for students to cultivate original thoughts, develop analytical and creative problem-solving skills, evaluate, critique, and articulate their ideas.

We guide our students to identify their own experience as unique in an increasingly global society and cultivate an appreciation of different theories, ideas, and diverse cultures they see around them.

Lower Secondary Music

Formerly known as the General Music Programme, the Music programme is now known nationally as the 2015 Primary and Lower Secondary Music Syllabus. Music is offered to all Primary and Lower Secondary students as a core compulsory subject, rather than an optional programme. The change in title from 2018 reinforces the recognition of the syllabus as a core subject.

In Ping Yi, the students are enriched with musical aspects through the use of two main instruments. In Secondary One, the students experience sounds and the creation of sounds through percussive instruments. Through group work, they learn not only about coordination with each other, but coordination with the tempo of the rhythms.

Secondary Two students learn how to coordinate both mind and fingers using the piano keyboard. Playing the keyboard is not as easy as one imagines because it requires a fair bit of concentration using the hands and fingers with correct technique while playing a short piece of music. Through this, students truly learn about focus and how perseverance can yield success.


Selected students have successfully represented the school in various competitions:
  • Design and Technology Award
  • Code Immersion Programme
  • Design Thinking Camp

Contact List

D&T Unit

Name/ Designation Email address
Mdm Annie Tan (HOD/C&T)
Mr Johnny Wee Hong Shen (SH/Design Ed)
Mr Teo Tong Hua
Mr Tan Lian Beng
Mr Chin Ming Seng (L. AED)
Mr Ramli Bin Punasir

NFS Unit

Name/ Designation Email address
 Mrs Irene Seah (ST/FCE)
Mdm Sharifah Bte Mohd Sharif
Mdm Nurashikin Bte Abu Bakar
Mr Muhammad Nur Alim

Art Unit

Name/ Designation Email address
Mrs Cynthia Fua
Ms Selena Jew
Mr Mohd Rafi

Music Unit

Name/ Designation Email address
Ms Marie Anne Chia


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