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School History

Key Milestones 1930 - Present


From 1930s to 1970s
Our Humble Beginnings

First established Pin Ghee Public School at Changi Road @(Old Kampong Chai Chee)
1. In 1930, the school was first established as Pin Ghee Public School at Changi Road with the strong support of Kampong Chai Chee residents. The school occupied a rented attap hut.
Raising school funds by setting up abattoir
2. By 1932, the school expanded to include two classrooms, a hall and 40 students. Its operations were financed by school board members who creatively raised funds through setting up an abattoir.
First student from Pin Ghee Public School
3. Mr Poh Chee Siew was among the first batch of students of Pin Ghee Public School. He recalled that there were only two classes back then.

Expanded more schools to occupy students and facilities
4. By December 1936, Pin Ghee Public School had more than 200 students. A new campus with larger and more developed facilities was opened in 1937.
Sook Ching Operation during World War II
5. During World War II, the school was closed. The Japanese also used it as a registration centre during the Sook Ching operation.
Post-war years during the day's
6. Post-war, the community rallied together to rebuild the school. Pin Ghee Public School re-opened on 15 January 1946, focusing on ‘fostering a spirit of educating good citizens for the next generation’.

Pin Ghee High School Establishment
7. Pin Ghee High School was established in 1957, with an initial enrolment of 300 secondary school students. The photograph depicts the 1959 cohort.
First batch of Secondary Four Graduation, Pin Ghee High School
8. The school was split into two sessions to accommodate both primary and secondary sections. The first batch of Secondary Four students graduated in 1961.
First Member of Parliament, Sha’ari Tadin
9. Pin Ghee continued to receive help from the Chai Chee community, which elected Sha’ari Tadin as its first Member of Parliament. By 1970, with 1700 students, Pin Ghee became the largest Chinese village school in Singapore.

Kampong Chai Chee Electoral Map
10. Towards the mid-1970s, Chinese schools, including Pin Ghee, started to decline due to economic and political changes. Pin Ghee was closed in 1976.


The Dawn of a New Chapter

Mrs Ng Gek Tiang @Principal @(1983-1989)
1. As the first Principal of Ping Yi, Mrs Ng was responsible for starting the school on the right foot and building a firm foundation. She crafted the motto, ‘Perseverance Yields Success’, to embody the Ping Yi spirit.
Establishment of New Ping Yi Secondary School
2. The new Ping Yi Secondary School was established on 24 September 1983 and named after the old Pin Ghee Public School, reviving an educational institution which had a most vibrant history.
School Crest and Song
3. The school logo was made up of two letters ‘PY’, symbolising the strive for excellence. The lines within the letters represent the inculcation of values. The school song was written by Miss Irene Joseph.
Beginning of Classes
4. Classes began on 2 January 1984 with 18 teachers, 12 non-teaching staff and 436 Secondary One students.
The Pioneer Staff of Ping Yi (1985)
5. Mrs Ng Gek Tiang, Principal, described the pioneer staff members as a ‘great team of teachers’.
Official Opening Ceremony
6. The official opening ceremony of the school was held on 24 September 1985. The Guest of Honour was Major Fong Sip Chee, MP for Kampong Chai Chee.
Straits Times Feature of Ping Yi Library
7. Ping Yi’s library, the pride of the school, was featured in the Straits Times. It was set up in 1984 with a collection of about 10,000 books.
Winners of the National Geography Project Competition
8. Students were challenged to broaden their horizons by participating in national competitions. A notable success was achieved when a group of students emerged winners in the National Geography Project Competition.
Launch of Information Skills for Secondary One and Two Students
9. To prepare students to become competent information users, the teaching of Information Skills was launched for Lower Secondary students. Concurrently, research-based projects on information skills were piloted.
Only School Band at the Christmas Light-Up
10. In 1989, Ping Yi Brass Band was the only school band in Singapore to be given the honour to perform at the Christmas Light-Up.


Our Growing Years

Mrs Pearl Goh @Principal @(1989 - 1997)
1. Mrs Goh believes in the inherent goodness of every person. Where many would have given up, she took in children with behavioural problems and gave them a second chance.
First Career Guidance Seminar
2. The Career Guidance Seminar was first conducted in 1990 to aid students in their choice of careers after graduation. Professionals from various industries shared their experiences and insights.
Launch of Social Work Programme
3. Even before the Community Involvement Programme (CIP) was made compulsory, Ping Yians were actively doing community work since 1990.

Launch of Peer Support Programme
4. Launched in 1992, the Peer Support Programme enables peer leaders to be positive role models, providing vital support for the emotional well-being of the students.
First Graduation Ceremony
5. The first Graduation Ceremony was organised in 1992 to celebrate the achievements of the graduating cohort. Furthermore, to help students excel in their future careers, the Social Etiquette Course was pioneered.
10th Anniversary Celebrations
6. 1994 marked an important milestone in the history of Ping Yi as it celebrated its 10th Anniversary. In conjunction with the celebrations, the drama, Les Misérables, was performed.

Mr Tan Ah Kiang @Principal @(1997 – 2003)
7. Mr Tan established the Information and Technology culture in Ping Yi. He ensured that Ping Yi students continued to be relevant in the changing global environment.
Launch of ‘PYSS IT Co-op’
8. In 1997, the launch of the ‘PYSS IT Co-op’ initiative enabled students to learn entrepreneurial concepts. In 2000, the Co-op was showcased at the MOE Metropolis Exhibition.
Building of New Facilities
9. New facilities were built, increasing the number of classrooms, Science Labs, Computer Labs, and IT Learning Rooms. The school transitioned to a single-session school in 1999.

Millennium Celebrations and the Time Capsule
10. On 30 December 1999, the school celebrated the new millennium. The highlight of the evening was the commissioning of a Time Capsule, which is scheduled to be opened in 2034.


Breaking New Grounds in the Millennium

Mrs Julia Woo @Principal @(2003-2008)
1. Building on the strong foundation laid by her predecessors, Mrs Woo brought the school to another level. A transformational leader, Mrs Woo was instrumental for the successful completion of the PRIME Project.
President’s Award for Teachers (2000)
2. Mrs Caryn Ann Leong, President’s Award for Teachers (2000) was conferred the President’s Award for Teachers, the pinnacle award in the teaching profession. Most Inspiring Chinese Teacher Award recognises Mdm Chuah Su Keow, Most Inspiring Chinese Teacher Award (2002) infectious enthusiasm in teaching the Chinese Language.
Mrs S. R. Nathan’s Visit on Teachers’ Day
3. Ping Yians waved their flags at Mrs Nathan as she interacted with the staff and prefects during the Teachers’ Day celebrations. It was a cherished opportunity to have a conversation with the First Lady.

Collaboration with Sandwich Technology School to Present ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ in Kent, England
4. Ping Yians had the golden opportunity to showcase their artistic talents in ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’, the first collaborative drama project with Sandwich Technology School in Kent, England.
National Youth Achievement Award Gold Award (2002)
5. Sear Hock Rong and Richmond Tan Yi Da are proud recipients of the National Youth Achievement Gold Award in 2002. These role models participated in numerous service learning projects.
PRIME Project
6. Staff and students moved to a holding school to make way for the Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing Schools (PRIME).

The Genesis of Restorative Practices (RP)
7. Restorative Practices is the culture of the school, focusing on building positive teacher-student and student-student relationships. It instills desirable values in students, nurturing them to be self-disciplined and reflective individuals.
First Day in New Campus
8. First day in the new campus was significant as the school moved back to the original site, heralding a new chapter.
Launch of New School Crest and School Uniform
9. To mark a new chapter for the school, a new logo was introduced and the uniform was redesigned. The new logo depicts a stylized plant representing students who are nurtured and empowered to realise their potential.

Introduction of Year Head System and House System
10. The Year Head and House System were introduced in 2006. The Year Head System fosters teacher-student relationships. The House System inculcates greater social cohesiveness and school affiliation.
Official Opening of Palm Cove Café
11. Palm Cove Café was officially opened on 2 January 2007. This café is run by the students for their peers. This project promotes entrepreneurial and hospitality skills among students.
Official Opening Ceremony
12. The official opening of the new school campus was held on 3 August 2007. Mr Matthias Yao Chih, Mayor for South East District and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, was the Guest of Honour.

Launch of Go East Heritage Trail (GEHT)
13. The Go East Heritage Trail was launched on 21 June 2008 by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. It is a signature activity of the school’s National Education programme.
Our Achievements
1. Academic Value-Added Award
2. Outstanding Partners Award
3. Green Audit Lotus Award
4. People Developer Standards
5. Cherish Award
6. Development Award for National Education
7. Sustained Sports Award
Mdm Shanti Devi @Principal @(2009 – Present)
15. A practical idealist, Mdm Shanti is a staunch proponent of values education. She firmly believes that ‘If we get the values right, everything else will fall into place.’ Under her leadership, Ping Yi has scaled greater heights.

Ping Yi is very proud of its outstanding educators who are leading and inspiring a community of learners.

Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) (2009)
<b>Mr Muhammed Rezal Bin Ramli,
Outstanding Youth in Education Award (2009)</b>
<b style="color: yellow;">Mrs Toh-Lim Wei Ling,
Caring Teacher Award (2010)</b>
<b>Mr Farizan Bin Mohd Amin,
Arif Budiman Inspiring Teacher Award (2011)</b>
<b style="color: yellow;">Mdm Annie Tan Kok Ping,
Outstanding Innovator Award (2012)</b>

Niche in Design Education
17. Ping Yi was awarded the niche status in Design Education in 2011. It recognises the school for implementing customized programme to nurture students to become creative and inventive thinkers.
Launch of Colony to Nation Trail
18. The Colony to Nation Trail was officially launched by BG (NS) Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister of State, Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Manpower. It imbues in students a deeper sense of rootedness to Singapore.
Top GCE ‘N’ Level Students in Singapore
19. Darren Tay Yang Jin and Marcus Goh Tao Zhi made school history by topping the nation in the GCE ‘N’ Level examinations in 2011.

Launch of East Zone Centre of Excellence for Design Education
20. Ping Yi has been recognised as the East Zone Centre of Excellence for Design Education since 2013. The school is committed to promoting innovation and creativity through Design Education to the education fraternity.


2000 - Present

Scaling Greater Heights

Excellent Service Awards (EXSA AWARDS)
1. Three of our staff members received Excellent Service Award (EXSA), which recognises individuals who have delivered quality service.
Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course Students
2. Our 2011 top GCE ‘N’ Level student, Marcus Goh Tao Zhi, was awarded the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Award for Outstanding Normal Course student in August 2013.
Goh Chok Tong NextGen Outstanding Student Leader Award
3. Demonstrating outstanding leadership skills, Muhd Ashraf B Muhd Sahri, Nur Farah Aniqa Bte Idzan and Nur Farzana Bte Shera Joodeen were awarded the Goh Chok Tong NextGen Outstanding Student Leader Award.

Knowledge Building – An Innovative Pedagogy
4. To prepare students for the knowledge-based economy, Ping Yi embarked on ICT-enabled Knowledge Building in 2010. The innovative pedagogy was shared at the International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology.
Integrated Programme (IP) Week
5. The Integrated Programme Week, a signature programme at Ping Yi, is a time when lessons are suspended and replaced with camps and learning journeys. It aims to develop students’ 21st century competencies.
Service Learning Programme
6. To develop students into global citizens who are concerned about the international community, service learning trips to Chiang Rai, Thailand have been conducted since 2007.

Project Discovery
7. Introduced as an alternative education programme for selected Normal Course students in 2011, Project Discovery helps to engage students through relationship-building and authentic learning experiences.
Spirit of Community Service
8. Ping Yians demonstrated the spirit of community service by engaging in numerous community involvement activities. Caring Ping Yians dynamically provide services to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the community.
Singapore Book of Records
9. On 14 February 2014, staff and students of Ping Yi set a new record for the longest Human Chain Walk in the Singapore Book of Records. The feat was accomplished during the annual Sports Meet.

Our Accolades
2015: CHAI CHEE TRAIL APP LAUNCH – Availing our heritage to all through technology
11. The Chai Chee Trail App made headway in the virtual realm by bringing heritage, culture and tradition to our students and members in our community. On 21 July 2015, the app was launched in our school by Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister for Social and Family Development and our stakeholders.
2016: Merged Schools Eye New Bonds
12. For Ping Yi, 2016 is a great start with students and staff from Bedok Town Secondary School joining us. With new people comes new energy and vibrancy, greater strengths and more choices. We have the best of both worlds as we are able to combine the niche areas and some CCAs of both schools.

2017: SWIRL an arts presentation
13. “SWIRL” is a showcase of how we can unite together to celebrate the aesthetics, notably, School Band, School Choir, Modern Dance and Angklung Kulintang. The whole creation is a bold dream and a shining example of what can and would happen when creative individuals unite.
2018: CHAI CHEE Our Home
14. The National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) - Ping Yi Secondary School Photo-Documentary Project is a visual narrative of the Chai Chee community seen through the lenses of our budding youth photographers. It captures life within Chai Chee - the residents, institutions, landmarks, celebrations, flora and fauna, or daily scenes.
2019: SWIRL an arts presentation
15. The SWIRL Concert II is a bold dream and a shining example of what happens when creative individuals unite. This concert brings together the hopes, dreams and aspirations of our youths in Ping Yi Secondary School (PYSS), Association For Persons with Special Needs (APSN), Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) and Adelyn Koh, a visually-impaired ITE student.

Partners & Alumni

June Tan @Student (1986 – 1990) @Entrepreneur
1. June is the founder and Managing Director of a Design Studio. Living her dream as a design professional, she embodies the spirit of living life fully with purpose and passion.
Martin Chan @Student (1990 – 1993) @School Leader
2. An educator for more than a decade, Martin champions Restorative Practices, a relationship affirming form of student management. His contributions have touched and inspired the lives of many students.
Aaron Aziz @Student (1989– 1992) @Artiste
3. Aaron’s interest in the aesthetics started since his days in Ping Yi. With his exceptional flair for the performing arts, he has made a mark in the Malay entertainment scene.

Nicholas Chee @Student (1991– 1994) @Creative Consultant
4. Nicholas has contributed much to the local media scene. He has brought the local cinema to the forefront and continues to inspire talents in the entertainment industry.
Cai Dexian @Student (1987– 1990) @Dentist
5. Dexian exemplifies the caring culture of Ping Yi. A medical professional, he sponsors students in dentistry education and provides free dental treatment to the needy.
Mr Willi Yuen @PSG / SAC President
6. A familiar face in almost every school event, Mr Yuen has been contributing to the Ping Yi family since 1999. His insights and constructive feedback have been instrumental in developing the school.

Mrs Adeline Er @PSG Chairperson
7. A committed and passionate social contributor, Mrs Er has been dedicating her time to the school since 2008. As the Chairperson of the Parent Support Group, she has touched the lives of both students and staff.

SATA – The Singapore Anti-Tuberculosis Association Kembangan Chai Chee Community Centre (KCC) South East Community Development Council (SECDC)
8. Since the 1980s, these organisations have been working closely with the school. Their devoted commitment has left an indelible mark in the lives of many Ping Yians.
United Temple Bethesda Cathedral Al-Ansar Mosque
9. These religious organisations have been instrumental in supporting the school in the areas of pastoral care and student development.
Ping Yians have benefitted immensely from their unwavering support.
The Living Legacy Opening
10. The Living Legacy was officially declared open by
Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, 17 April 2014.