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School Crest and School Song

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The School Crest

A stylized plant is graphically represented in this crest. Like new life, Ping Yi nurtures and empowers our student with confidence and conviction to reach for their aspirations. The outstretched leaves also represent the core tenets of Ping Yi, impartiality and dignity, the key attributes in our student’s character development.

Ping Yi Secondary School Song

To humbly strive and never yield
At work, at school and play
Sincere in thoughts, words and deeds
The true Ping Yian way
From each our very best we give
Success along the way
We pledge our loyal selves to you
Both school and country

Come let us work in harmony
To strengthen our fond ties
Together we will scale the heights
United we’ll succeed

In Ping Yi’s hall our love and toil
Will answer every call
We pledge to you our hearts again
Ping Yi forevermore