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Principal’s Message

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“We are free to go where we wish, and to be what we want”
- Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

In our world of disruptions, we bring the future into today’s classrooms. No longer are teachers the only experts in today’s classrooms, students can be too. In fact, we have moved the traditional insular space of learning from the classroom to beyond. Our classrooms must only be a node in this ever-expanding network of knowledge-spaces as we help students extend their knowledge to developing and cultivating understanding and wisdom.

Are teachers therefore less important in today’s classroom where learning is no longer by acquisition but by participating and doing? Where the learners now have more choices to decide on their own learning goals and trajectory? Far from it. Such disruptions make teachers all the more important.

To allow students to soar further, teachers now play the omnipresent role to provide just-in-time lessons for students’ access to knowledge anytime, anywhere. The expert teacher today no longer depends on the traditional prescribed resources and curriculum. Instead, we are well on our way to produce our own DIY media and other artefacts to help our students progressively construct the necessary knowledge and meaning in multi-modal ways. Our teachers help connect our learners together through opportunities for collaboration, using different learning contexts, emphasising the fusion of formal and informal learning.

2019 will see exciting platforms with Ping Yi teachers to help our students soar further. These include the Student Learning Space, SWIRL2 @ Esplanade and the expanded MakerSpace, to name a few.

“We are free to go where we wish, and be what we want. Because we are at Ping Yi.”

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