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Philosophy, Vision, Mission, Values and Motto

Origins of School Name

The name ‘Ping Yi’ may be traced to Pin Ghee Public School which was a school in Chai Chee founded in 1930. The ‘kampong’ school had to close to make way for redevelopment in 1976. It was decided to keep the school’s name for a new government primary and a secondary school to be built in the area. The name ‘Ping Yi’ which is the Hanyu Pinyin of ‘Pin Ghee’, thus has a history. The first character of the school name ‘Ping’ means fairness and impartially, while ‘Yi’ means dignified bearing.


Ping Yians Can Learn, Achieve And Contribute


A School of Distinction in Learning and Service


To nurture and develop our students to be
– strong and upright in character
– passionate about learning
– innovative in spirit so as to serve the community


INTEGRITY our Foundation
RESPECT our Core
CARE our Culture


Perseverance Yields Success